Pray The Devil Back To Hell

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Rosalie in Nyon

Rosalie in Nyon

My Ecumenical Ethics instructor has taken ill, so she has recommended the class view this movie together and has asked one of my fellow student, Rev. Rosalie Kanam Mukand, a Methodist from Zimbabwe, to lead our class in discussion. Rosalie is also my neighbor, and we spent an afternoon earlier this week sharing our experiences with AIDS and HIV after a presentation on the World Council of Churches’ involvement with the disease. I found it astute but tragic that the presenter named violence against women as contributing so greatly to the epidemic. It has been difficult at times for both of us as women to hear some of the dismissal coming from some male religious leaders, and it will be interesting to see if there will be more sensitivity shown by these men as they are exposed to a more inclusive theology in the next several months. I will be looking forward to hearing Pastor Rosalie’s perspective on the film, and hopefully we will have some respectful, dialogue representing a variety of nationalities and faith traditions.

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  1. Glad to make connections with your BLOG, Linda. Thanks for the posts. We are circulating your Blog address so look forward to reading about your adventures. Take good care, and God bless!

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